COVID-19 Secure for Offices

1 £17.00
2-10 £16.00
11-20 £15.00
21-50 £14.00

Online Programme & Course details

COVID-19 Secure for Offices Returning to work and continuing our way of life is a growing concern among many people in these difficult times. We have developed our COVID-19 Secure for Offices course to help protect your staff and give them the confidence to carry out their daily duties while knowing how to prevent infection within an office environment.

Areas covered

  • Coronavirus
  • Risk assessment
  • Getting to work
  • Common areas
  • Working with customers and colleagues
  • Cleaning
  • Face and body coverings
  • Handling deliveries
  • Accidents and incidents
  • Raising concerns
Ideal for employee inductions, existing staff at an introductory level, and low-risk food handlers. The course can also be used as part of the on programme element of the new apprenticeship standards, and can support the knowledge, skills and behaviours apprentices need to effectively integrate into the workplace. Young people, NEETs, carers, 50 plus, men, women and lone parents, ethnic minority groups and people with a need to increase confidence, motivation and self-esteem. The online platform increases reach, helping cohorts Nationally.

Achievement and Measurement

Clients will complete an action plan based on the skills gaps indicated in their assessment that will direct them to the specific resources needed. This will allow them to identify further support or  courses to attend in consultation with the clients local JCP office depending on the work plan.