Level 1- Problem Solving

1 £250.00
2-10 £240.00
11-20 £230.00
21-50 £220.00

Online Programme & Course details

Study and Research 20 hours
2-3 Hours Per Day over 5 Days
Audio & Visual Daily Tutored Daily Zoom Course Interaction - 60 Minutes per day
Candidate Research & Review Daily in Arrears.
Endorsed Certificated:
Multiple-choice questions: No (1 day course also available)

Identify the different types of problems they could encounter in a place of work relating to

  • People
  • Tasks
  • Resources

Identify appropriate ways to come up with solutions for a straightforward problem
Demonstrate use of appropriate methods to create solutions for a straightforward problem
Decide what solution represents the best option, giving one reason why this is the case.
Dragons Den Observation Report
Problem solving Assessment Report

Young people, NEETs, carers, 50 plus, men, women and lone parents, ethnic minority groups and people with a need to platform increases reach, helping cohorts Nationally.

Achievement and Measurement

Clients will complete an action plan based on the skills gaps indicated in their assessment that will direct them to the specific resources needed. This will allow them to identify further support or courses to attend in consultation with the client’s local JCP office depending on the work plan.